Lasse and Ingrid are sitting on two chairs on stage. They are playing the rhythm sticks, looking in the same diagonal direction. In the background there's a guitar and 2 stage lamps.


What does “dancing to music” really mean? And how do you create music for dance? In this duet, Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage playfully examine the relationships between dance and music, using scores as tools to uphold structure over skill, method over indulgence.

The title of their duet alludes to the contrast between the wet and the dry: Panflutes, on the one hand, are playful and passionate, Paperwork, on the other, refers to notation and sounds bureaucratic. The tensions between these states play well with tired conventions in the famous choreographer-composer constellation. With both tools at hand, Ingrid and Lasse invent games that re-negotiate their rule.

Performance: Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage

Music: Lasse Passage and Ingrid Berger Myhre

Light: Edwin van Steenbergen

Space: Alex Zakkas

Advice: Merel Heering, Alex Zakkas

Funded by Arts Council Norway

Co-production: Dansateliers Rotterdam, Black Box Teater, CSC Bassano Del Grappa, WP Zimmer

Supported by P.A.R.T.S., Rimi/Imir Senter for Scenekunst, Moving Futures Festival, FPK Nieuwe Makers Regeling, Caravan Production



  • 24 April 2024
    Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika
  • 26 June 2023
    Tanec Praha, Prague (CZ)
  • 24 June 2023
    Tanec Praha, Malovice (CZ)
  • 22 June 2023
    Tanec Praha, Divadlo 29, Pardubice (CZ)
  • 15 June 2023
    Sommerszene, Salzburg (AU)
  • 14 June 2023
    Sommerszene, Salzburg (SU)
  • "The Norwegian Berger Myhre, educated in Amsterdam and Brussels, seems to own this type of dry humor as an inherent part of her dance works.You have to like it (...). It is at the same time laughable and sweet, as they try to share everything (even each other’s talent) in this small hour full of playfully performed nonsense-games."

    Annette EmbrechtsDe Volkskrant: ★★★★☆
  • "This is a party to watch."

    Ingrid de VriesTheater 050
  • "Seeing your work with Lasse Passage last night for the opening of imagetanz made me feel nostalgic and weirdly proud, and mostly happy that you keep making works in which apparent simplicity is backed up by carefully composed scores.”

    Claire LefevreImagetanz, brut Vienna
  • “I’m reluctant to describe the performance as “feel-good”, in lack of better words. It mustn’t be misunderstood as light-hearted entertainment, because Panflutes and Paperwork comes across as an interested study with a pronounced purpose.”

    Nina Helene SkogliNorsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift
  • "...we as audience are offered a nice balance of feel good, poetic images and musicality on a high level."

    Frøydis Å
  • “It felt good to see something succeeding in being humorous, heartfelt and serious at the same time."

    Nina Helene SkogliNorsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift
  • “Panflutes and Paperwork is a captivatingly light-footed and at the same time introducing all the depths (…) about the complexity of any relationship apart from rigid rules.”

    Angela HeideTanzschrift, AU
  • "(...)in their absolutely rhythmical, humourous, unpretensious and wonderfully playful duo “Panflutes and Paperwork”, a lot of things are new: the relationship between music and dance, from movement in its theatrical reading and scores, from methodical craft and expression.”

    Dance For you Magazine, DE
  • “Berger Myhre and Passage use this premise with unpretentious charm to stage a sophisticated show in which the dancer and the musician also swap roles. (...) Here it becomes clear that intelligence and wits simply belong together.”

    Der Standard, Kultur, AU

Photos by: Istán Virág, Sara Anke, Thomas Lenden, Istán Virág, Cornelius Ganea